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"Oktopost has allowed Cerasis to remain effective at social media and content marketing, consistently getting in front of our desired target audience, all while not having to invest a lot of resources." - Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

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One of the greatest problems B2B marketers face is the inability to prove social media's financial benefits for their company, causing many to shy away from social media activities all together. As opposed to other social media tools that are built for B2C, Oktopost's platform lets B2B marketers track leads and conversions originating from social networks, resulting in a clear understanding of their ROI.

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Campaign Management

Move from ad-hoc social media posting to organized social media campaign management. Oktopost streamlines all social media posts into tidy campaigns for better clarity and tracking.

Social Media ROI

Marketers need to measure their contribution to the business. With Oktopost, it is ridiculously simple to track and report on inbound leads that come from social media marketing activities.

Social Engagement

Social media marketers need to create discussions. Oktopost provides an easy interface to monitor and respond to all posts, whether they're on Twitter, Facebook or in LinkedIn groups.

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