Social Media Campaign Management

An easy way to organize and track your social media posts

As a busy marketer you're often juggling multiple marketing activities - from promoting corporate events to distributing content. You need to publish, track and measure your outbound activity on social media to the same extent as paid ads on AdWords. We've created a simple, yet robust tool that enables you do just that. Let us show you how:

Robust Publisher

With Oktopost, we thought of just about everything when it comes to social publishing. You can use Oktopost to schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can upload photos, share and automatically shorten links, post to multiple LinkedIn groups, post on different tabs, automatically save and re-use content and much more. But the crown jewel is LinkedIn! It's never been easier to schedule a discussion across your entire group set. You can schedule a post on 50 different groups in less than 30 seconds.

Campaign Calendar

With the campaign calendar, you have a clear overview of all your social media campaigns. Now you can easily see exactly when a post is scheduled for publication, and which profile and groups will be used. You can also schedule new posts directly from the calendar to save time.

Campaign Analytics

Once you've started using Oktopost, your campaigns will start accumulating metrics like clicks, conversions, leads and comments. It will also record actionable data, including which groups, posts or individual content pieces performed the best.

Conquer LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B marketing resource, it usually is a second class citizen compared to other social media management platforms. Oktopost lets you effortlessly publish on multiple LinkedIn groups, select which profile to use, and learn which posts are receiving the most comments.

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