Skyrocket Your Agency by Combining Marketing Automation and Social Media

on February 18, 2016

Skyrocket Your Agency by Combining Marketing Automation and Social Media

Marketing in the modern age is a complex machine with many moving parts. And for marketing agencies, keeping that machine well-oiled means diversifying service offerings to meet the needs many of today’s brands are facing.

At an age where marketing has gone digital and many businesses are implementing platforms that help organize their marketing processes across a huge number of channels. B2B marketing agencies, must have services that truly complement their clients’ campaigns, which requires using compatible platforms.  85% of B2B marketers are reporting they’re not using their marketing automation platforms to their full potential, so it’s time for forward-thinking agencies seeking greater market share to bust through that trend—in particular, by putting together social media and marketing automation platforms (MAPs) for an integrated approach.

By giving your clients the tools they need to not only publish relevant, timely content, but to track their prospects’ sentiment, interest, and readiness to engage in any place (including social media) and at any time. Your agency will come to be a trusted provider of comprehensive customer views and advanced, airtight marketing solutions.

Here are some of the ways agencies can benefit from integrating a social media management and marketing automation platform for a powerful, full-scale marketing approach.

Custom Integrations

To become a leader among marketing agencies, you’ll have to serve a wide range of clients that have needs of various complexities.  No matter the industry, your clients will need solutions that provide next-level lead insights.  Enter the importance of custom integrations.

You might already have some MAPs in your arsenal.  You might be using Marketo, for example, to manage clients’ lead nurturing and generate overviews of multiple campaigns, as organized by product vertical or buyer persona. You might be executing a working email campaign to nurture leads and solidify burgeoning relationships.  And, you might be organizing lead generation across your clients’ social media presence.

With all of this in mind, you can increase your clients’ perception of your expertise when you form high-profile, authoritative partnerships with solution providers, many of which have preferred partner programs.  Whether your clients have full-scale marketing systems in place or not, by being able to propose integrated solutions and the complete customer views they generate, you’ll be able to garner your clients’ trust and loyalty.

Expert Example: Oktopost can collect, and enrich Marketo automatically, with
detailed social media data on your leads. As well as facilitate social media 
“smart lists”, based on the social media 
posts the leads interact with, for highly-targeted email campaigns.

A view of customer interests and behavior, especially via social media channels, is invaluable to businesses who want organic, efficient lead generation and nurturing.  And by presenting a valuable service like that to your clients by integrating marketing automation platforms and a social media management, you’ll only improve the market position of your agency as one that “gets it.”

Social Analytics

How can a business know that their social media efforts are grabbing leads’ attention and creating vibrant conversations?  The answer is analytics.  And integrated solutions are one way for your agency to become a winner in providing social ROI for your clients.

With Marketo, for example, your clients can track lead activities through various channels and gather some data across touchpoints.  But those leads remain anonymous until a form is filled out.  Any lead anonymity and lack of precise behavioral data represents a crucial hole in marketing intelligence—one that your clients can easily stumble over, to the detriment of their bottom line.

Of course, there’s a better way. With proper social media management, crucial lead info is already collected across social channels as you publish social content. Depending on the social posts that a lead interacts with, marketers can understand the buyer persona in play. Thus triggering and scoring the lead in their marketing automation platform and provide important clues for future campaign design.

Even more, the social data populated in Marketo by Oktopost, makes for better ROI evaluation, by enabling all involved to track KPIs much more closely.  Advanced tracking and social analytics abilities are a no-brainer for the modern agency’s service offerings, and you can get there immediately by integrating the right platforms.

Targeted Campaigns

Any company needs to speak directly to their customers’ interests and desires, or they risk losing out on revenue and achieving demand for their products.  60% of B2B marketers identify producing engaging content as a challenge.  Your agency can minimize that challenge by using new capabilities arising from platform integration to provide your clients with laser-sharp targeted campaigns.

If a client is using (or, you have a partnership with) a MAP that provides oversight of customer interests and touchpoints, and you connect it with Oktopost for advanced, real-time tracking of user interests and intelligence via social media monitoring, you’ll be able to present a clear, broad view of each customer, enabling much more precisely-targeted marketing.

In complex marketing solutions, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Integrating marketing solutions can provide for businesses a complete, unhindered view of each of their leads, and insights on what it will take to move potential buyers through a sales cycle. As an agency, establishing partnerships with solution providers and presenting your new capabilities to your clients will position you as a leader in the 2016 marketing landscape.


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