Review And Approve Social Media Content With Confidence

Review And Approve Social Media Content With Confidence

We’re super excited to announce the brand new content approval workflows in Oktopost.

In many marketing teams today there’s an editorial process that requires reviewing and approving social content before it goes live. Without the right tool, that process can become tedious, especially if you have a team of contributors or a requirement for a multi-step process.

With Oktopost’s new content approval workflows, you can quickly set up complex (or simple) approval processes, based on your needs, helping team members to collaborate, review, and approve social media content with ease.

How does it work

As of today, Oktopost will allow you to set up approval workflows. For each workflow, you will be able to add steps, and in each step, you will be able to set approvers. You can add as many steps as you need and as many approvers as you need for each step.

Once you’ve set up a workflow, users will be able to send Posts and Message Assets (yes, you read it correctly “Message Assets”) to an approval process. At that point, the approvers you set in the first step will receive a notification (both in-app and email) and will be asked to review the content pending approval. Each approver can decide to either accept or request a revision, pushing the Post or Message Asset either forward or backward in the approval process. Users can also leave notes, tag collaborators, and view each item’s history, allowing for extended collaboration between members of the team.

In addition, to provide marketers with a holistic view of their social editorial calendar, we’ve also added a new “Approval Status” filter that allows viewing posts pending approval.

To learn more about how the approval workflows work, please feel free to visit our knowledge base or contact us.

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