Getting the Most out of Event Marketing with Social Media

on March 15, 2016

Getting the Most out of Event Marketing with Social Media

Getting the most out of your next event requires more than passing out business cards. By using your social media channels, you can enhance the effectiveness of your event marketing. With a strategy set in place before the event, you can network, build relationship, and meet the right people. 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing their most effective strategy. Whether you are attending the event for training or sponsoring to find clients, make the most of your spend by utilizing your social platforms.

Before the Event

Monitor the event hashtag and study the event agenda. Set up a content stream and create monitors to track the event hashtag so you’ll be constantly connected before, during and after the event.  By staying active on your social platforms, you can see what event content is trending, who are the big players, and start conversations online.

During the Event

Stay active by continuing to push out content related to the conference. By knowing the agenda details and what topics are trending surrounding the conference, you can push out engaging and useful content. Use a social inbox to automatically check your posts for any comments. You’ll never miss a comment and it will give you the opportunity to respond to each one.

Move the Engagement Offline

Try and set up meetings with those you meet on social media. Strike up online conversations and try to bring it back to the real world by setting up a dinner or having them meet you at your booth or for coffee. It is important to remember to focus on building relationships, not selling. The event atmospheres are built for networking, but not hard-selling.

Engage your Employees

Don’t forget about your employee advocates. Have your team share your event postings to drive awareness and keep your information active on the event feeds. Event hashtags are a great opportunity to find connections, but also can be fast-paced. Your posts can quickly get lost in the crowd, but by having your employee advocates sharing content, you’re more likely to be seen.

Even with all the social media activity, be sure when you do meet in person, you make a lasting impression. Make a connection between the social media profile they have been following with the person they are talking to now. Request to add them as a connection on LinkedIn with a personal note mentioning where you met them. With these tools and by actively engaging in social media, you can get the most out of attending an event.


Cover image via Unsplash