6 Free and Effective Ways to Expand your Content Distribution

on December 19, 2016

6 Free and Effective Ways to Expand your Content Distribution

2017 is creeping up on us. And in such a fast-paced, digital landscape, we as B2B marketers, must generate new and creative ways to expand our content distribution and stand out among competitors.

While social media is undeniably an important place for amplifying your content’s reach, it’s critical to branch out into more locations. If you are creating high-value content, there is no reason why you should be narrowing down your content distribution channels.

Luckily, there is an array of content distribution tools designed to maximize the odds of someone reading and sharing your content. All you need to do is choose the medium and format that your audience is most likely to enjoy consuming your content from.

We’ve gathered 6 free, yet effective tools that could fit your content and audience (and that we also use on a regular basis):

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pusle

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LinkedIn Pulse is like your personalized publishing newsfeed.

What’s great about it is that it’s an app – and a very intuitive one. Using it, your audience get exposed to a handful of different content pieces, including:

To really take advantage of this platform and gain as much exposure as possible, you need a strategy. Make sure to at least do the following:


Medium Website Screenshot

Medium is another free and leading publishing platform.

It’s motto is that “words matter” and for that reason, they should be shared between people worldwide.

If you don’t have the time and resources to create and maintain your own blog, Medium is just the right place for you. Unlike a company blog, you don’t have to commit to writing on a consistent basis, rather whenever a great idea pops into your head.

Medium blocks out all of the noise and lets you focus on the quality of your writing. Its elegant and simplistic design gives you just the right amount of formatting to ensure your text and visuals stand out. You can very easily incorporate and embed GIFs, Tweets, a header image, videos, quotes, hyperlinks, and more.

The unique aspect of Medium is its collaborative environment. Since your writing is only as good as you make it out to be, Medium believes that people can create better things together. Readers and writers can contribute their editorial value to your work, catching typos and leaving you constructive criticism. Having more eyes review your article is only going to help turn into a stellar piece. At the same time, you can engage with other writers through the good-old follow, share, like, and comment buttons.


Zest.is Screenshot

Once you get to work and turn on your computer, what do you do next?

With Zest (a new Chrome extension), your workflow as a marketer is seamlessly integrated into one place. As soon as you open a Chrome tab, you will be able to easily discover content based on your areas of interest, sync your LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, engage with professional writers, and feature some of your best articles.

If you wish for your content to be consumed by the Zest community, then it needs to be “Zest-worthy”. In other words, it should be up-to-date and bring something fresh, something juicy and valuable, so it gets clicked and shared.


Growth Hackers Screenshot

GrowthHackers is another great community-based network.

The focus of GrowthHackers is in the name: driving growth. That means the article you share needs to benefit the community in some way.

You can submit an article using the original URL, which then links directly to your website or blog. Ultimately, you will be more than a company representative. You will be someone who’s every post, question and comment deserve the attention of large numbers of people.

GrowthHackers is very similar to Reddit in a sense that it uses the upvoting and downvoting system. Also, any action you make that appears to be self-promotional or fake, will frame you in a negative light. But if you engage in discussions, post relevant questions, and curate other people’s content, your authenticity will shine, and so will your content.

Some important guidelines for becoming a GrowthHacker pro and ensuring your posts do not get suppressed:


Inbound.org Screenshot

Don’t forget to share your content on Inbound.org for the same reasons you would on Medium and GrowthHackers.

Inbound.org is a network designed specifically for markters with content that revolves around online and inbound marketing. To become a thought-leader in this professional community, you must ask a question, start a discussion, or share existing content that is about or related to inbound marketing.

Remember that any suspicious pattern of behavior will be easily detected and banned from the website. So keep your profile as real as possible and make sure your posts are excellent!


Slideshare Screenshot

Finally, SlideShare (also by LinkedIn) is for marketers who love to visually showcase their work through slideshows and presentations. With a staggering 70 million active users, SlideShare is a hub for some of the most professional online content, and allows you to target new clients and business partners.

If you’re spending time creating webinars, infographics, videos, and case studies, then SlideShare presents a great opportunity for you to distribute this type of content. Once you create or feature content on SlideShare, it can be embedded anywhere, from your website, to landing pages, and blog.

When it comes to tracking the effectiveness of your content, SlideShare allows you to see exactly how many people viewed, liked, commented, and downloaded your content.

Looking for some tips on using SlideShare?

Which Tools Will you Use?

It’s safe to say that all of these platforms present interesting opportunities and advantages for your content marketing efforts. The more you leverage their features and capabilities, the more likely you are to expand your content’s reach and position yourself as a thought-leader.

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