Interview With Jayson DeMers, Demystifier Of All Things Marketing

on December 21, 2014

Interview With Jayson DeMers, Demystifier Of All Things Marketing

We recently had the chance to learn more about Jayson DeMers, the influential marketer and SEO expert, who shared his thoughts on brand building, how to humanize content, and social listening. Jayson is the founder of AudienceBloom, and given his position as a contributor to Mashable, Forbes, Search Engine Journal, and VentureBeat, chances are you’ve come across at least one of his articles.

What stands out about Jayson’s content is his ability to offer actionable advice; his writing frequently cites new technologies, data from recent studies and helpful examples – which is the exact kind of information that marketers need to improve their job skills.

1. What’s your professional background?

I’m the founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based content marketing agency. I founded AudienceBloom in April of 2010.

2. What attracted you to marketing, and social media in particular? What motivated you to branch out on your own and start AudienceBloom?

I became interested in marketing while attending the University of Washington, where I majored in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. I liked how the field allows professionals the ability to get technical – but also fully creative. The analytics and observable direct impact on ROI attracted me as well.

I established AudienceBloom because I always felt like I could do things better. My ideas were suppressed or enacted too slowly as a full-time employee; I wanted instant gratification. So, I became my own boss, and started AudienceBloom.

3. In your Forbes article on top marketing metrics, #5 was conversions. What content formats or best practices are most effective for generating conversions?

In my experience, the best thing you can do to generate conversions is to build a trustworthy, authoritative, credible brand. You can do this by consistently publishing top-notch quality content that informs and provides value to readers, rather than hit them with sales or marketing messages.

4. What steps can marketing teams take to leverage the social presence of company employees?

At AudienceBloom, we simply share the link around the office using a chat program. It’s pretty easy, and we have good success with that method. Keep it simple!

5. You often emphasize the importance of “humanizing” your brand. With the increasing use of automation, how can marketers keep the right balance between the two?

Humanization definitely requires a human touch; it can be automated using a scheduler, but the scheduled content must have been crafted by a human. I recommend tasking someone with the duty of monitoring social media each business day for brand mentions, and commenting or responding to those mentions as they come up.

6. What are your top tips for using social listening to identify and engage influencers on Twitter?

  1. Use a social listening tool to monitor social media for brand mentions
  2. Track other industry terms or keywords that are important to your brand, then jump in with comments at appropriate times
  3. Keep tabs on trending hashtags so you can enter the conversation when many people are participating in it.

7. Where is content marketing headed? Have we reached a point where we’re inundated with content, or do you think it will continue to be an effective strategy?

The popularity of content marketing is skyrocketing. It’s headed up, and there’s no stopping it. The good news is, there doesn’t need to be an end to it, because as more content gets published, the higher the bar for quality becomes. It’s a natural cycle; more content results in higher quality, and that’s good for everyone. Lower-quality content will be buried in the noise and won’t yield any ROI, which will discourage companies from publishing low-quality content.

8. One of your recent articles shed insight on 10 lesser-recognized tools for finding new B2B customers. What are 11 and 12?

Guest blogging on popular B2B publishers like Forbes,,, etc.
Manual customer prospecting and email outreach.

9. What are some quick tips you can give readers about creating SEO-friendly blog titles?

Know your focus keyword before writing your blog post, and incorporate that into the title of the blog. Keep your titles shorter than 70 characters. Most of all, try not to focus on SEO when writing blog posts; instead, think of how to make readers happiest. What will make them share this article, tweet it, or link to it from their own blog?

10. As a business founder, what’s the most useful marketing advice you can give to early-stage SMBs?

Build your personal brand, and leverage that to attract clients for your business. Focus on brand-building above all else.

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