Marketing KPI Deep Dive: Demographics and Location

on January 14, 2016

Marketing KPI Deep Dive: Demographics and Location

Building a social media audience that is useful to your B2B lead generation efforts takes more than just having thousands of followers or garnering hundreds of likes. It requires the right followers for your business based on their demographics and locations. 72% of all internet users are now active on social media, but as a B2B marketer, attracting the right audience to your brand is critical. Here are a few ways you can use marketing KPI’s to better align your messaging, identify new segments of your audience, and target the prospects most likely to affect your bottom line:

Discovering your target audience: You may have a buyer persona and an idea of who your target audience is, but by using analytics, you can discover if your buyer persona is accurate. To attract the correct leads, you need to know who the correct leads are. Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Ads Analytics, and LinkedIn Analytics all allow a view of the demographics of your audience. For instance, LinkedIn breaks down your follower demographics by title, industry, job function, company size and whether or not they are an employee.

Finding what your audience is engaging with: After you get to know what your key customer looks like – their demographic and location – you can discover insights on how many are converting and which content is leading to these conversions. You could have a video go viral to millions of people, but how many of those are potential customers? By knowing what the audience likes, you can tailor a video specific to that audience and attract leads to your pages.

Messaging to your audience: You need to attract the right gender and age to your page in order to have a higher conversion rate. 96% of marketers say segmentation is the most valuable method for improving conversion rates. By listening to your customers and sending messages at the correct point in their buying cycle and to the right segmentation, you are able to increase engagement and conversions.  If your target audience is global, make sure your posts are going out at peak traffic hours in the audience’s time zones. You may even consider sponsored ads to grow your audience base by targeting specific geographic areas and using A/B testing to find out which content has the higher conversion rate.

In todays B2B marketing world, where 85% of B2B marketers state that lead generation from social media is the most important goal, it is critical to be attracting potential leads to your social media networks. Although thousands of followers may look impressive, it is the conversion rate and engagement metrics that will help drive your marketing strategy.

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