Should Your Employees Become Brand Ambassadors?

on December 14, 2014

Should Your Employees Become Brand Ambassadors?

Should you ask employees to become brand ambassadors through their personal social media activity? Universally: No. Selectively: Yes.

To explain why being selective – highly selective – in appointing brand ambassadors is good business, there are a few different aspects that need to be addressed.

Employees Personal Accounts

Negative Effect

Lack of Knowledge

Employees may have no idea about how to present your brand since doing so requires natural skill as well as in-depth training in marketing communication.
The following laundry list of positives is helpful in determining what you are looking for when selectively recruiting employee brand ambassadors. The ideal candidate:

Regarding compensation, a selective program gives companies more latitude in the structuring of how brand ambassadors are rewarded. If only a handful of employees are involved, not only can compensation be personalized, but also the nature and extent of their activities.

Creating a brand ambassador program is a long-term commitment that requires a lot of energy day-in and day-out. For that reason, a firm will make much more progress with a well-organized, revved-up cadre of brand ambassadors than with an army of confused or disinterested individuals.

Is an internal brand ambassador program worth the effort? Yes! A firm’s brand ambassadors give the organization a huge boost in credibility, persuade potential customers to purchase, encourage existing customers to purchase in greater volume, and become even more loyal and enthused employees than they were before.

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