How to Create Visual B2B Social Media Posts

on December 2, 2015

How to Create Visual B2B Social Media Posts

With the number of social media posts your audience is forced to scan through rising every day, finding a way to stand out from the crowd should be your top priority. Twitter research has shown tweets with images have 313% more engagement, and photos are the large majority of the content posted to Facebook, making visual social media posts the primary way to communicate with followers on these platforms.

The reason images are so effective is no surprise with 65% of your audience comprised of visual learners. Creating content tailored to them will give you better results and put more leads in your sales pipeline. If you’re aiming to win over that crowd, consider these visually-minded tips:

Turn Text into Images

Read through your online content and inject new life into old and future posts by pulling out quotes or impactful words and turning them into graphics. Using an image with words also allows you to go beyond Twitter’s 140-character limit, highlight the main points of a post, or draw followers in with visually interesting information. These graphics can inspire people to respond to a call to action.

Social media posts with images can take customers to your website, prompting them to engage with and share your content. BuzzSumo analyzed the social share of more than 100 million of their articles and found that 64.9% of the articles that were shared included an image, a very striking statistic supporting the importance of images in an article.


Aside from pulling out quotes from your articles, take your content and generate infographics that feature stats and images that showcase your knowledge and expertise on the subject matter.

Brand your Images

Once your images are being shared on social networks, how does that secondary audience know where it originated? Include your logo on every image that you create, so no matter where it is shared, your company will get credit and brand awareness.

Size for Mobile

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular platforms, and each has different audiences and thus should have different marketing strategies. Each site also has different guidelines for image sizes to ensure those photos show correctly on a computer screen and a mobile device. Check social media sizing guides to ensure that your image meets the specifications for each site.

Once an image is published, that isn’t the end of your job. Make sure to watch the analytics for each image, including how many times it was viewed and shared. That information will help you to determine what is working and what isn’t, and what kinds of images you should continue to create in the future.

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