New WordPress Plugin Lets You Schedule Social Media Before Your Blog Goes Live

on August 24, 2015

New WordPress Plugin Lets You Schedule Social Media Before Your Blog Goes Live

In a recent study, B2B Marketing Insider asked companies what their top digital marketing priorities were. Tied for first, with 36% of respondents each, was content marketing and social media engagement.

There’s no question that for B2B marketers, content and social media are a common and effective combination. However, many marketers run into issues when trying to schedule out their content and social in advance.

When you share a link in one of your social media posts through a social media management tool like Oktopost, it automatically populates with a link preview. However, when you use a CMS like WordPress to schedule out your blog posts and then try to schedule out social media messages to promote those blog posts, you run into a problem. Because the blog hasn’t yet been made publicly available on WordPress, your social media management tool can’t automatically populate the social post with a link preview.

For networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, the link preview has a major influence on how much engagement and ultimately how many conversions your blog receives. Previously, the only way to include this preview was to wait until after the blog had been published. Not only does this disjoint the process of scheduling and promoting blog posts, it makes it more difficult to time your social media posts to promote your blog immediately after it is published. This critical time in the blog’s life is when it has the most potential for views and shares.

To help, we created a free WordPress plugin that allows you to schedule your social media posts through Oktopost (or any other social media management tool, although we do prefer that you use Oktopost,) with a link preview, regardless of whether your blog content has been published or not.

Download the WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress to manage your content, be sure to add this plugin to your site. Allowing you and your marketing team to schedule social media posts at the optimal time and with the optimal content will help boost the effectiveness of your content marketing and social media engagement.

This plugin was created based on feedback from the Oktopost community. Have any other suggestions for improvements to your marketing tools or any other challenges you are dealing with? Let us know in the comments!

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