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Explore Learning Generates a Staggering 800% Click-to-Post Rate

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Explore Learning
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ExploreLearning is a Charlottesville, VA based company that develops online solutions to improve student learning in math and science. They make Gizmos, the world's largest library of interactive online simulations for math and science education in grades 3-12.


From blog posts to customer case studies, and webinars, ExploreLearning produces a plethora of content to drive value for their audience on social media. However, when trying to promote and develop their social media campaigns, their marketing team was missing the ability to measure and report on these activities.

Lacking such insights prevented them from improving their efforts or determining the true impact of social media and content marketing on the company's broader business goals.


As a company looking to shift closer towards digital transformation and take social media to the next level, ExploreLearning understood that they needed an advanced platform to manage its posts, analyze valuable performance metrics, and demonstrate the real ROI of social. They chose Oktopost for its focus on B2B needs and metrics, which allows them to reach and surpass their campaign goals.

Campaign Management

Oktopost's in-depth engagement and content metrics allow ExploreLearning to gain a deeper insight into multiple campaigns at once. 'Engagement by Time of Day' is especially useful for understanding the best times to post on Twitter. Similarly, the Content Analysis word cloud gives them both the keyword usage and number of engagements generated. Using this data, they can improve the timing of posts, and optimize the content.

Conversion Tracking

Using Oktopost, ExploreLearning can track which posts, campaigns, and networks led their audience to convert, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Year-after-year, they see how different campaigns - and social media marketing as a whole - are impacting their sales funnel. With this, they know exactly where to focus their effort and resources.

Granular Reports

As ExploreLearning continues to invest valuable resources in social, reporting becomes an integral aspect of demonstrating the channel's ROI. From engagement to lead generation metrics, Oktopost's granular and easy-to-read reports allow ExploreLearning to break down the performance of different posts, campaigns, and networks to strategically plan their next content development.


The most significant impact that Oktopost has had on ExploreLearning is expanding the level of measurement and reporting for every single social campaign. Beyond likes and shares, ExploreLearning can determine which messages resulted in the highest number of conversions, which network is providing the greatest return, and which time of day is most ideal for driving engagement. All of this allows the marketing team to strategically learn from their content results to map their future steps.

For one social campaign, ExploreLearning generated an outstanding 800% click-per-post rate and a 4% post-to-conversion rate, therefore allowing the company to tie its social campaigns to true business value. As a result, Oktopost improved their organic social media outreach and engagement from where they were before.

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