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How TytoCare fuels ABX success with Oktopost's social intent data

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Technology & Software
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50-200 employees
Boost in LinkedIn Engagement
Increase in the number of posts
Growth in LinkedIn reach

Meet TytoCare

TytoCare is a virtual healthcare company that enables leading health plans and providers to deliver remote healthcare to the whole family through its Home Smart Clinic. Combining a cutting-edge, easy-to-use, FDA-cleared device with AI-powered guidance and diagnostic support, the Home Smart Clinic enables the whole family to conduct remote physical exams with a doctor, replicating in-clinic exams for immediate answers from home. TytoCare serves over 250 major health systems and health plans in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The challenge

In today's Healthcare industry, effectively engaging with target audiences has become key to reaching the right people and building customer credibility. One way of doing this is by creating an account-based experience (ABX). ABX is a strategic approach that uses data and insights to orchestrate relevant and trusted marketing and sales actions throughout the B2B customer journey. When TytoCare embarked on finding a social media management solution, the marketing team needed a platform that would put B2B authentic communications using social media as the anchor to an effective ABX approach. This would enable them to connect marketing and sales, bridging the gap between social engagement and revenue generation.

In addition to their ABX needs, TytoCare needed to measure social media's influence on the sales pipeline. One specific effort involved equipping the BDR and sales teams with social engagement insights about their audience to conduct more informed and personalized calls and improve their conversations with prospective customers.

The Oktopost solution

Social Selling approach to fuel ABX efforts

ABX is all about reaching out to the right people at the right time and using the right message. Using Oktopost's Social Signals, TytoCare was able to become masters at executing their ABX strategy. They skillfully leveraged social intent data from Oktopost to enhance the customer experience across all departments while ensuring each interaction was tailored to each contact's specific pain points and interests. Teams across marketing and sales worked together to deliver personalized experiences through employee advocacy content and create relevant conversations based on the particular interests of the account's contacts.

By analyzing the Social Signals coming from their networks, the TytoCare sales team was able to know more about the person who engaged with their content, such as:

In addition, Social Signals enabled the marketing team to:

With this information, TytoCare could build an even clearer picture of their Ideal Customer Profile and include these insights in their ABX campaigns, inform the content creators, and fine-tune their marketing strategies. If a particular theme consistently attracts attention, they create more content, run targeted campaigns, or host webinars on that specific topic.

With Oktopost, TytoCare gained invaluable insights into the impact of social media on our sales pipeline. We could identify potential opportunities within Salesforce, pinpoint the key social media touchpoints influencing prospects with social signals, and empower our sales team with data-driven social insights, all leading to more effective outreach strategies. Joanna Braunold, Director of Content Marketing and Communications, TytoCare

As an example, TytoCare noticed a significant interest amongst their audience in how school healthcare programs are managed, prompted by numerous questions on social media about this topic. This insight led them to organize an event specifically addressing the concerns raised by social media about managing healthcare programs in schools. The ability to identify and respond to these patterns not only enhanced content relevance but also ensured that TytoCare's marketing efforts were directly aligned with the needs and interests of their audience.

TytoCare also uses Oktopost's Social Signals from social intent data to boost loyalty and build enduring relationships. By leveraging the intent data, they discovered that their target audience on the B2B side was actively engaging on their B2C channels. Notably, there were significant interactions on Facebook and Instagram from individuals appearing on their Salesforce lists and accounts. Realizing that their brand has engagement on social media platforms besides LinkedIn enabled them to refine their targeting strategies, enhancing their understanding of the content preferences of this specific group.

For example, while it might seem counterintuitive to target a healthcare system's CEO with an Instagram meme, the data revealed that this was precisely the type of content she engaged with. This discovery provided a deeper understanding of their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), moving beyond their original assumptions to a more informed perspective about what gets their ICP engaged. As a result, TytoCare now crafts more relevant narratives and connects with these individuals on a more human level, fostering meaningful interactions.

Oktopost's reporting capabilities are a real game-changer. With their analytics, we were able to create our Influenced Opportunity Report, which highlighted the social interactions driving Salesforce opportunities, illuminated the success of our employee advocacy initiative, and deepened our insights into the profound impact of social media on our sales process. Joanna Braunold, Director of Content Marketing and Communications, TytoCare

Empowering BDRs with the right information to advance conversations

Oktopost's integration with Salesforce has significantly simplified the adoption of ABX processes for TytoCare's Business Development Representative (BDR) team. By embedding Oktopost's social intent data directly within Salesforce, a platform the sales team already uses daily, Oktopost ensures a smooth transition into the BDRs' daily routines. This strategic integration allowed the team to harness powerful social media insights seamlessly without switching between different applications, boosting productivity and encouraging easy adoption for any member of the BDR team.

Each BDR at TytoCare benefits from a customized dashboard within Salesforce, which showcases social interactions from their target accounts. This setup includes a comprehensive view of social engagements, such as likes, comments, and shares, providing BDRs with a clear picture of who is engaging with TytoCare's content, which content, and how. These dashboards are updated daily, equipping BDRs with the latest social data to effectively prioritize their outreach efforts.

The Social Signals from Oktopost enable TytoCare's BDRs to start conversations that are not only timely but also highly relevant to the prospects' interests. Through this approach, Oktopost's platform doesn't just help in finding the right audience but also in delivering the right message at the right time, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of TytoCare's sales efforts.

Oktopost has been instrumental in revolutionizing our ABX strategy. By providing us with precise social intent data, we've been able to engage with the right stakeholders at the right time, transforming how we connect with and convert our target accounts. This has not only enhanced our ability to understand and act on customer insights but has also seamlessly aligned our Sales and Marketing efforts to drive meaningful results. Joanna Braunold, Director of Content Marketing and Communications, TytoCare

Prove the impact of social engagement on revenue generation

TytoCare has gained the ability to seamlessly track and measure the influence of social media activity on its sales pipeline both in Oktopost directly and within Salesforce. This powerful connection between the two tools enables TytoCare to identify the social media interactions of potential opportunities and determine which touchpoints have influenced these opportunities.

Additionally, Oktopost has equipped TytoCare with advanced reporting capabilities, allowing them to dive deeper into how social engagement impacts sales. They have developed a custom Influenced Opportunity Report to track which social interactions have led to opportunities, both closed-won and closed-lost. With this report, both TytoCare sales and marketing are able to analyze the success of their employee advocacy program in driving target accounts into the pipeline, and understanding how prospects engage with employee posts. This detailed reporting provides TytoCare with a clearer understanding of how social media activities impact their overall sales process, offering insights into both the direct and indirect benefits of their social media strategies. As a result, TytoCare can continuously refine their approach, ensuring that their social media efforts are not only aligned with their sales goals but are also contributing effectively to the bottom line.

The results

The healthcare sector often requires engaging multiple stakeholders within an account from various angles to secure a deal. With Oktopost's Social Signals at their disposal, TytoCare has been able to engage more meaningfully with their prospects, tailoring conversations and interactions based on what customers care about. These insights enabled them to effectively implement their ABX strategy. In doing so, they have successfully created an aligned effort between sales and marketing teams under a single ABX strategy that significantly impacts target accounts and enhances the customer experience.

This strategic use of social intent data has not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their BDR team but has also enhanced their marketing strategies. The result has been a more targeted outreach approach that delivers higher satisfaction among BDRs and the ability to create stronger and more meaningful relationships with their prospects.

The results speak for themselves. Since using Oktopost and executing the ABX program, TytoCare saw a 103% increase in LinkedIn engagement and were able to grow their LinkedIn following from 12,000 to an impressive 36,000. They also had a 200% increase in the number of posts and a 195% increase in LinkedIn reach, positioning TytoCare as a leader in healthcare technology.

Oktopost's social intent data has been a game-changer for our BDR team. It's given us the ability to pinpoint exactly who is engaged and what they are interested in, allowing us to initiate conversations that are both timely and relevant. This has enabled us to forge deeper connections with prospects and accelerate our sales process. Joanna Braunold, Director of Content Marketing and Communications, TytoCare

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