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Sociomantic Executes a Highly Segmented Social Media Strategy

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Marketing & Advertising
Berlin, Germany
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Sociomantic Labs, a dunnhumby company, provides personalized display advertising solutions to reach people online, on mobile web and in-app. The company's proprietary platform enables the world's leading advertisers to harness the value of CRM and other first-party data assets to deliver individually personalized, dynamic ads for every stage of the customer lifecycle.


As a global company, Sociomantic is constantly running targeted social media campaigns in different countries, cultures, and markets. The effectiveness of social media channels varies across each location and target audience, making it confusing and time-consuming to manage.

With numerous levels of activity among marketing teams, individual countries, and accounts, Sociomantic demanded a solution to streamline and simplify these responsibilities. They needed to create transparency between their channels and across their teams. They knew that solving this problem early on would allow them to focus on creating effective social media campaigns as well as develop channels for new markets.


When we first turned to Oktopost's social media management solution, we thought that many of its features were beyond our initial expectations.

Oktopost brings social publishing, analyzing, and monitoring into one easy-to-use platform, allowing the company to efficiently manage a handful of accounts without a worry.

All-in-One Platform

Since Oktopost can monitor and post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages, Sociomantic saw the appeal of putting all of their corporate and company leaders' accounts in one place. This allows them to oversee all the accounts, content and interaction across the markets, making social listening and publishing easier.

Social Analytics & Campaign Tags

Oktopost's analytics are useful for measuring Sociomantic's true business success on social media. The company tags their annual campaigns to understand how well they developed each event, interacted with customers, and performed year after year.

Assigned Roles & Permissions

Oktopost's social publishing allows Sociomantic to customize the roles and permissions for specific users, ensuring the security of their account and the productivity of their team members. For example, a user running the Polish Facebook page can't accidentally post to the English Facebook page, but can still see the consistency of content across the calendar.


Oktopost has brought all Sociomantic's social media efforts to one place for transparency and focused planning. The marketing teams in several places can segment each channel and campaign to determine and implement different marketing initiatives. With one platform, the team can plan and post unified campaigns, and then receive reports about which campaigns worked and where they were most effective.

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