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Strategic-IC Averages a 61% CTR Across all Campaigns

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Strategic IC is an Inbound to Account-Based Marketing agency, and also a Google certified & Platinum HubSpot partner. It specialises in helping some of the world's largest B2B enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical companies increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines.


As a way to promote and power their inbound marketing campaigns such as content, paid ads, emails, and web design, social media is an extremely important element of Startegic-IC's service offerings.

In the past, Strategic-IC's clients used a variety of social media management tools, which minimized their ability to organize and scale their services while also limiting the features they could offer clients. The company found other solutions that were too complicated and didn't equip them with the right toolset - such as handling all of their clients' social media content creation, management, and reporting.


As an agency managing various global client-relationships, Strategic-IC needed a social media management platform that would help achieve real business results for its clients. In light of this, Oktopost was an ideal choice as it caters to B2B companies that value social media as more than a pure "buzz building" tool.

With Oktopost's deep focus on data portability, granular metrics, and employee advocacy, Strategic-IC can make sure that all of its clients manage, measure, and monitor a fully-integrated social media strategy.

Hubspot Integration

As a HubSpot Gold Partner, many of SIC's clients used HubSpot to manage their content but needed additional functionality for social media. Oktopost's HubSpot integration made it easy for them to offer their clients advanced scheduling and reporting features to boost their social engagement.

Employee Advocacy

One of the things that drew SIC to Oktopost was the Employee Advocacy Board. By incentivizing participation, the company was able to get all staff members actively using the Board. Now, 78% of their engagement comes from advocacy.

Content Curation

To simplify the posting of valuable, curated content for their clients, SIC relied on Oktopost's content curation features. They used the Feedly integration to easily discover and share content, and the Startafire integration to brand the curated content. Before Oktopost, 75% of their online presence was made up of branded content, whereas now it's made up of curated content.


Now, more than ever before, Strategic-IC is able to leverage social media campaigns in an integrated and data-driven way. Across all campaigns, they have averaged a 61% click-through rate on social impressions.

Their clients have also immensely benefited from the templated and organized approach to social. For example, one particular client has seen social traffic increase by 148% month-over-month due to the level of granularity in inbound campaigns across its social channels.

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