Oktopost Announces An Easier Way To Share Content

January 6, 2014

Now Oktopost users can share the content they love directly from their browser.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL Oktopost (http://www.oktopost.com), the B2B social media marketing platform, today announced the launch of its social sharing browser plugin and bookmarklet - an easy-to-add button for your browser that lets Oktopost users conveniently share online content and measure its effects, with just one click.

Oktopost provides B2B marketers and professionals with a complete web-based platform for leveraging social media to more effectively reach prospects, engage customers, and drive conversion online. Now Oktopost users can distribute content directly from their browsers while still benefiting from the powerful built-in reporting, and analytical tools provided by the platform.

The new feature comes in two forms - A browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox, and a bookmarklet that sits in a browsers bookmarks.

Installation is simple - When setting up an Oktopost account, the platform will prompt you to integrate the plug-in or bookmarklet. Depending on which browser you are using, you will be shown instructions on downloading the plug-in, or how to install the bookmarklet directly into your browser's bookmarks.

For the plug-in, just follow the instructions on how to download for your browser (Firefox or Chrome) and the plug-in will appear within your browser.

For the Bookmarklet, just drag and drop the browser plug-in into the bookmarks bar of any major web browser, and you're ready to share.

When you see great content, just click the Oktopost Bookmarklet button or the browser plugin, and you will instantly see the Oktopost Schedule a Post window, with a link to the site already populated. Oktopost users can easily share any content they come across during the day – whether it's own content or from an outside source.

Using this new add-on is not only easy, but it also tracks all the powerful analytical data that the Oktopost platform provides. When posting using the bookmarklet or plug-in, users will be able to view clicks, conversions, and powerful lead information as if they had posted it directly through the platform.

This is one of many new features the company will be rolling out, in the future in order to continue to provide the most robust B2B social marketing platform.

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Oktopost is the first solution to establish the ROI of social media for B2B companies, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Oktopost delivers the true business value from social media, generating new sales and integrates marketing and sales in today's social-centric marketplace.


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