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Position : Global is dedicated to providing valuable support to logistics companies who either lack the time or expertise to engage their current clients or market themselves to future clients. We understand that your business is focused on managing risk and compliance, ongoing rate negotiations, employee recruitment and retention while coping with increased reliance on global partners and asset owners for your success.

The parts of your business under your control are an ever changing list of demands upon your time for financial, personnel and leadership decisions. All of those things put together are your "secret sauce", the reason companies are drawn to you and vice versa. Quite simply, it\'s your brand and from time to time, brands needs to be evaluated for their relevance, message and effectiveness. Our firm is committed to helping companies of all sizes execute the parts of their business related to branding, client communication, technology, marketing and advertising they neither possess the time nor expertise to do themselves at a cost far less than that of a full time employee or employees possessing the resources and depth we have at our disposal.

We are from the industry. We are of the same cloth. We understand what it takes to keep the doors open, maintain compliance, remain profitable, and continue to grow.

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Position Global
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