Manage global social teams with a single platform

Stay productive, secure, and compliant on social media across the enterprise with easy-to-implement features.

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Roles & Permissions

Decide who gets access to what

Determine what users can do and see in your Oktopost instance. From admin to read-only mode, create custom roles to align with your organizational needs and secure your data.

Team Management

Support global teams and divisions

Easily manage employees across different regions, languages or products! Define groups of users with common access to specific profiles, campaigns, and settings.

Content Approvals

Plan content more effectively

Manage content approvals internally or on a global scale. Build smooth workflows where teammates can submit messages for approval before they go live.

Social Compliance

Adhere to company standards

From competitor names to defamatory language, some things just shouldn't be posted. Ban specific keywords to prevent employees from misusing your corporate accounts.

Crisis Management

Equip your team for success

In case of an emergency, you want your team to act fast. Pause all social publishing activities, assign responsible employees to take charge, and notify users about the pending crisis.

UTM Tagging

Track any custom social campaign

It’s time to ditch the tedious URL builders. Configure Oktopost to automatically append query parameters to any link you share on social, and modify variables according to your needs.

Integration Assets

Connect many MA accounts

Even when your team is using multiple marketing automation instances and accounts, Oktopost allows you to link them with a simple mapping system.

Single Sign-on

Give employee a single sign-on

Connect employees to Oktopost with a single username and password – supported through SAML 2.0. The ultimate way to save time, prevent password fatigue, and secure your data.

Manage social in a safe and collaborative way

Learn how Oktopost will help your global social media teams stay secure, compliant, and productive – to meet their enterprise goals.

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