Oktopost Spring '15 Release

Oktopost is proud to reveal its Spring '15 Release! At Oktopost, we're committed to making powerful and insightful marketing tools so that you, the pro-marketer, can work smarter, not harder.

Here is a complete list of all the new features you will find in the new release

Social ROI

Now you can finally put a monetary value on inbound leads coming from your social media posts, allowing you to measure which social campaigns are most valuable and proving the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Board Admin Access

Access the board as an admin through the Oktopost platform. Add your colleagues, distributors, friends, and any other evangelists you want to help easily share your content to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Improved Autoposter Distribution

Now you can share posts smarter, according to a profile's pre-defined queue times, ensuring that a social profile is active at favored hours for superior social reach.

Enhanced Lead Insight

Sales are easier when you can relate to your prospects. Now you can get to know your leads better with only one click to their social profile accounts, and identify how they interact with your brand-- mobile or desktop.

Device Responsive

Being effectively active on social media doesn't end when you leave the office. Now you can post, listen, track your leads, and view your data clearly and with ease while on the go, on any device.

Content Discovery

Oktopost's content discovery engine just got better. It now scours the web for you according to the interests and topics that you decide, making high quality content curation faster, easier, and more relevant to your needs.