Oktopost Spring '17 Release

It's that time of year again! Oktopost has a bunch of new and improved features and integrations to help B2B marketers manage, measure, and amplify their social media marketing.

Take a deeper look at all the new social media capabilities
Oktopost Social Publishing App

New Oktopost Mobile App

Stay on top of social media anywhere you are

Oktopost's new Social Publishing App makes it extremely easy and fast to schedule, publish, and measure posts on-the-go. Whether you're on a bus or at a conference, manage your profiles, campaigns, and editorial calendar from one seamless interface.

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Social Customer Care

Social Customer Care

Personalize your customer experience

A formal Social Customer Care strategy allows you to win the hearts of your customers by delivering a personalized and authentic experience. With Oktopost, you can now assign customer questions and feedback to specific employees, ensuring that every interaction comes from the right person at the right time.

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Instagram Integration


Tell your company's story in a compelling way

Even in B2B, people want to connect with people, not brands. Instagram is a powerful channel for humanizing your company, showcasing your culture, and building thought leadership. Incorporate it into your marketing strategy by engaging, tracking, and listening to your audience directly from Oktopost.

Salesforce Data Sync

Salesforce Data Sync

Leverage your social data for success

Gain a fuller picture of your marketing ecosystem by turning raw social data into customizable Salesforce dashboards and reports. Whether it's showing conversions by network, or demonstrating the ROI of advocacy to stakeholders, the options are endless.

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Facebook Page Mentions

Get your social content in front of more eyes by mentioning (@) relevant company pages in posts.

Account Security

Improve the security of your account by setting password restrictions and session rules for users and advocates.

Employee Advocates Self Sign-Up

Maximize the number of advocates in your program by enabling employees to sign themselves up with just a few clicks.

More Languages

The Oktopost Social Advocacy Board has been made available in 6 new languages: Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese!

Zapier Integration

Automate repetitive tasks and build your own app workflows without any coding or developers required.


Easily build and set up integrations that subscribe to events in Oktopost.