Oktopost Winter '18 Release

Get excited! Our winter 2018 release packs plenty of new features and enhancements that boost platform performance, improve your social media workflows, and give you more ways to leverage social data!

Take a deeper dive into all the new social media capabilities
Oktopost New User Interface

New and Improved Oktopost

Enjoy a faster and sleeker user experience

The new Oktopost brings a more elegant design powered by a smoother and faster navigation experience. Whether on mobile or desktop, publishing content, analyzing results, and managing employee advocacy is optimized across every platform.

Social Response Management

Social Response Management

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Engaging with audiences has never been easier and more personal! Oktopost streamlines every mention, comment, and direct message into one Social Inbox, allowing you to provide timely responses or assign conversations to relevant team members.

Oktopost Salesforce Insights

Salesforce Social Insights

Leverage social data to drive more sales

With the strengthened Salesforce integration, your sales teams gain full access to their prospects' social media journey. From clicks to mentions, they now have more relevant information to personalize conversations and drive prospects through the finish line.

Crisis Management

Social Crisis Management

Prevent social media crises from exploding

From accidental Tweets to misjudged marketing campaigns, social media crises can occur for a variety of reasons. In case of an emergency, Oktopost enables marketers to press the “stop” button on all social publishing activities and assign reliable employees to be in charge.

LinkedIn Company Mentions

Expand your content visibility by mentioning (@) relevant company pages inside LinkedIn posts.

Refined Analytics Filters

Analyze and report your social media activities on a more granular level using an infinite number of filter parameters.

Compliance Keywords

From competitor names to defamatory language, ban specific keywords to prevent employees from misusing social media.

Better Content Curation Workflow

Improve management of content curation activities by saving message assets and copying posts to the Board.

LinkedIn Character Limit & Images

Make your LinkedIn posts more compelling by including multiple images and writing up to 1,300 characters!