Social media promotions

Get creative with dozens of interactive social media marketing campaigns - designed to further your lead generation efforts.

Your secret weapon to engaging new and existing customers

Discover hundreds of simple tools and custom templates to create interactive social media marketing campaigns.

Sweepstakes and contests
Sweepstakes & Contests

Refer-a-friend, instant-win, random-draw, trivia, photo & video contests, and more!

Landing pages and forms
Landing Pages & Forms

Acquire and engage leads with landing pages, sign-up forms, UGC galleries, and # campaigns.

Quizzes, polls, and coupons
Quizzes, Polls, & Coupons

Get audiences involved at your next tradeshow through giveaways, quizzes, and coupons.

Design templates
Customizable Designs

Easily customize content and templates to build product and brand awareness.

Service model
Self-service or Full-service

Do it yourself or let Votigo's team of designers and developers build it for you.

Multi-Channel Interactivity

Run your campaigns across website, mobile, and social channels.

Establish the ROI of social media promotions

Measure, report, and optimize is the winning cycle of social media marketing! Launch a Votigo campaign and track granular social media analytics directly within Oktopost.

Social lead attribution
Lead Attribution & Revenue

Track lead generation

From the moment someone engages with your interactive content until they convert into a customer.

Social audience analytics
Audience Insights

Uncover audience trends

Measure the impact on follower growth, mentions, and click demographics to build an engaged community.

Social post analytics
Post-Level Analytics

Better target your content

View top-performing links, keywords, multi-media, and hashtags to constantly optimize your campaigns.

Social engagement metrics
Engagement Metrics

Understand what truly resonates

Monitor clicks, comments, shares, and more, with Oktopost's simplified graphs and charts.

A seamless integration
between all platforms

With the Oktopost-Votigo integration, you can effortlessly share social media data with any marketing automation platform for better reporting of your social media promotions.

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Get started with social media promotions

Discover how you can easily create, share, and measure interactive social media campaigns to achieve your B2B marketing goals.

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