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Want to make social media easy, engaging, and measurable?

You came to the right place! We believe that B2B social media is an extremely valuable channel for driving measurable results. Read on to discover how we're changing the story behind B2B social!

Oktopost offers a suite of social media tools that help you make better decisions.

Built with B2B marketers in mind, Oktopost helps you manage it all from one place.

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Simply put, we help businesses grow through the power of social media.

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Oktopost's social engagement suite helps B2B marketers like you, to:

Create an engaging content calendar

Oktopost's social calendar makes it easy to craft and organize content. No more confusing Excel sheets and .csv files, create and scale content across several social networks in a snap.

  • Visualize your social media content at a glance
  • Create campaigns with the media library for storing your photos and videos
  • Curate content from trusted sources for that perfect social media mix

Automatically schedule posts across social networks

Plan and create your content, and then schedule your posts in advance. A must-have time-saver for any social strategy!

  • Schedule and manage multiple social channels at once
  • Save even more time with a one-click “Copy to” social profile button
  • Approvals to get two (or more!) sets of eyes on everything that goes out on social profiles

Amplify your brand message with employees & colleagues

Oktopost's employee advocacy board amplifies your social presence to the nth degree. Simply create or copy posts from your social calendar to your advocacy board for one-click sharing across your colleague's social networks.

  • No more pleading “please like and share” Slack messages
  • Empower your employees to enhance their own professional brands
  • Amplify your campaigns via the online communities of each of your employees

Enhance customer experience through authentic B2B community management

Nearly 7 out of 10 CMOs say that their main goal for social media is improving customer experience. With Oktopost, that's easier than ever before.

  • Track how your customers interact with your brand and employees
  • Power your customer support with centralized data
  • Deliver an authentic customer experience with data-driven insights

Discover conversation opportunities and engage customers & prospects

Oktopost's social listening lets you identify engagement opportunities across your social channels. Find your biggest voices and engage with them easily!

  • Perform sentiment analysis around your brand on social media in real time
  • Track and measure competitor activity
  • Identify rising trends to inform content and product strategy

Measure the real impact of your social strategy

What's the real value behind your social channels? No longer will social media marketing be a clouded mystery – Oktopost makes it measurable.

  • Measure performance of any social channel from one dashboard
  • Use advanced BI analytics to identify trends
  • Export and share information in one click

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Your social media management software should be relieving you of your workload - not creating more

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Share and manage social content in a snap

Your team's time is precious. Oktopost removes the admin around social media, so your team can focus on creating amazing and engaging content.

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Understand your social data at a glance

No more checking between bloated analytics boards, with Oktopost's centralized business intelligence, you can measure anything and everything from one place!

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Amplify your message across the entire team

Take your social strategy even further with an easy-to-use employee advocacy board. Help your employees and colleagues share news, updates, and your core brand message.

There are many social media management tools – but only Oktopost can do it all.

Are you ready to see how Oktopost can boost your social engagement?

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