The B2B Marketer's Guide to Buying a Social Media Management Platform

Is social media a big part of your marketing strategy? Do you understand the value of those efforts and how they're impacting your marketing funnel?

With the increased adoption of social media and the growing amount of content, you’re probably finding it more challenging as a B2B marketer to successfully manage your social media marketing and analyze the return on investment (ROI) of this popular medium.

66% of CMO's say they don't know how to measure their social ROI.

Don't be like them. Download this FREE guide to find the right social media management platform that fits your mid-market or enterprise company.

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There are plenty of platforms out there fighting for your attention, but it’s important to invest in a solution that provides value by tracking real business metrics. In this guide, we break down the core features that we believe are most important to look for in a B2B social media management solution:

  • Social Publishing
  • Managing an immense amount of content can be very time-consuming in terms of creating social posts and scheduling them throughout every channel.

  • Social Listening
  • What tools you need to control the noisy social media background by surfacing the chatter that matters.

  • Social Analytics
  • When it comes to measuring your social media marketing activities, the metrics that your B2B company would use versus a B2C company are remarkably different.

  • Social Advocacy
  • Establishing trust among your audience through organic reach is not a simple task in today’s B2B marketing world.

  • Integrations
  • Your social data shouldn’t be siloed, rather it should be integrated with other platforms in order to understand the bigger picture of your marketing ecosystem.