The B2B Marketer's Guide to Buying a Social Media Management Platform

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Is social media a big part of your marketing strategy? Are you able to measure the value of those efforts and how they're impacting your marketing funnel?

With the increased adoption of social media and the growing amount of content, you're probably finding it more challenging to successfully scale up your social marketing and measure its impact on your company's bottom line. There are plenty of tools on the market that can make your work a lot easier, helping centralize and streamline social media management.

However, the majority of these platforms are built for B2C. When it comes to approaching a social marketing strategy, B2B and B2C companies are notably different. Different end goals translate into different platform features and value points: for B2B, it spans from campaign-based content management to acquisition tracking to CRM integration and more.

Before investing in a social media management platform, it's important to evaluate which features will serve your B2B goals and which will be useless.

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Here at Oktopost, we recognize the demand for software architected specifically for B2B. Our platform allows you to effectively manage content at scale and analyze how social marketing impacts your revenue.

In this guide, we break down core features that we believe are most important to look for in a social media management solution for B2B:

  • Social publishing
  • Social listening
  • Social analytics
  • Employee advocacy
  • Social customer care
  • Integrations
  • Customer support