The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement in Marketo

In a world where 33.5% of buyer interactions happen on social media, what are you doing to track this activity, and ultimately, leverage it for better engagement? This definitive guide seeks to answer this question.

Many of your leads research their problem online, land on your website, and eventually consume your content. The trail of activity they leave behind is tracked and collected by Marketo from 3 key data sources: website, email, and CRM. Using this data, marketers can understand audience behavior and improve lead generation.

But Marketo is missing a significant chunk of the buyer journey – social media activity. This chunk plays a critical role in the buyer’s awareness, evaluation, and decision-making process.

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Failing to track your leads' social media behaviors has a twofold impact:

  • You have major blind spots in your scoring, nurturing, and attribution models
  • Your sales team is wasting time communicating with unqualified leads

Designed for both novice and seasonal Marketo users, this ebook lays the foundation for identifying the current blind spots in your existing Marketo programs and integrating social engagement data to better nurture, score, attribute, and segment leads.

Download now to learn:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Marketo and Oktopost
  • Chapter 2. Lead Nurturing with Social Engagement
  • Chapter 3. Lead Scoring with Social Engagement
  • Chapter 4. Lead Attribution with Social Engagement
  • Chapter 5. Lead Segmentation with Social Engagement