5 Tools for Smart Social Media Marketing

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This guide is intended to give you a brief overview of five Oktopost's features that our customers love.

These tools help B2B marketers stay productive and secure on social media, zoom in on their social media strategy and prove ROI, generate demand and connect social analytics to wider marketing objectives.

We always say that Oktopost is the only social media management platform architected for B2B.

Why is that the case?

Because with Oktopost, you can manage social content at scale, track valuable business metrics and integrate social data with your entire marketing ecosystem to improve lead generation and customer experience.

In this guide, we will talk about Oktopost's powerful tools that allow B2B marketers to do their work in a smarter way: learn from their own success and amplify it; schedule large volumes of social media content in a matter of minutes; turn social audiences into leads, prospects, and customers; seamlessly connect social analytics to BI; mitigate reputation risks and more.

Download now to learn more about these 5 Oktopost's features:

  • Customizable UTM parameters
  • The Autoposter
  • The People Database
  • Scheduled Exports
  • Banned Keywords