Your Guide to Becoming a Top Employee Advocate on Social Media

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Employee advocacy helps amplify the reach of company content through employees' personal social networks and foster a positive company culture, in which employees are proud to represent their company.

Beyond sharing corporate content, employee advocacy allows you to gain more knowledge, expand your professional network, and foster strategic relationships.

No matter what role or department you're in, being a social advocate offers plenty of valuable, long-term benefits such as becoming an expert in your own network and building connections with other thought leaders.

78% of salespeople who utilize social media as part of their sales techniques outperform their peers. Empowering your network, including leads and customers, with great content paves the way for personal connections and even more qualified leads. Same goes for HR: 44.5% of job seekers are more likely to apply to a position when the post is shared by a familiar face.

Whether you're already participating in an employee advocacy program or just getting started, this guide offers insights and tips to help step up your game and become a true thought leader.

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  1. What is employee advocacy
  2. Why is employee advocacy important
  3. What's in it for you as an employee advocate
  4. Getting started with Oktopost's employee advocacy tool
  5. Tips & tricks to lead a social advocacy program