The B2B Marketer's Guide to Employee Advocacy

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When it comes to social media, your employees collectively have 10 times more followers than your corporate profiles, which works out to a significantly wider reach. That alone is a strong argument for adding employee advocacy to your social marketing strategy. But there is so much more.

This guide offers an overview of employee advocacy best practices for B2B. We bring you insights on how your organization can benefit from employee advocacy, how to pilot and kick off your own employee advocacy program, and how to maximize the outcomes.

Based on Oktopost's experience helping hundreds of B2B marketing teams get social advocacy up and running in their organizations, this guide also provides a few tips and tricks on how to increase adoption, participation, and engagement.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • What Is Employee Advocacy and Why Should You Care?
  • How to Launch Your Employee Advocacy Program in 5 Easy Steps
  • How to Define Your Employee Advocacy KPIs
  • How to Get Your Employees to Share More Content
  • How to Maximize Your Employee Advocacy ROI
  • How to Choose an Employee Advocacy Platform