5 Practical Ways to Use Social Listening for B2B Marketers

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When the public speaks, you have to listen.

Social listening goes further than social monitoring - it's taking the context of conversations happening on social media, then analyzing and acting upon them. Many brands don't know where to go with social listening, or how to apply it practically to their own social accounts - meaning they're leaving opportunities for acquisition and retention on the table.

Are you using social listening to its full potential?

Join Whitney Blankenship, Senior Content Marketing Manager for Oktopost, and Jen Gutman, Director of Customer Experience Marketing, as they cover the most practical use-cases of social listening, and give you tips for applying these strategies to your own customer acquisition and retention tactics.


Jen Gutman

Jen Gutman

Director of CX Marketing, Oktopost
Whitney Blankenship

Whitney Blankenship

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Oktopost