Capturing Social Engagement Data In Marketo With Oktopost

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Did you know that social media is now the 3rd largest engagement channel according to Marketo's 2017 Engagement Report?

Many of your leads research their problem online, land on your website, and eventually consume your content. The trail of activity they leave behind is tracked and collected by Marketo from 3 key data sources: website, email, and CRM.

While this data may seem sufficient to understand the buyer journey, unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the whole picture. By the time leads reach your website, they’ve already completed 60% of the research online – namely, on social media.

Failing to track this social media behavior has a twofold impact:

  • You have major blind spots in your scoring, nurturing, and attribution models
  • Your sales team is wasting time communicating with unqualified leads

If you aren't tying social activity to your leads in Marketo, you're missing a huge piece of the buyer journey. If tracked properly, social engagement can tell you a great deal about your leads' pain points, top-of-mind interests, who they are connected to and how to best target them.

Join Daniel Kushner, CEO at Oktopost, and Andrea Hull, President at Elixiter, as they show you how Oktopost, the only social media engagement platform architected for B2B, brings these critical social insights into Marketo so you can engage with leads at all stages of their journey.