How to Build a Successful Content Creation and Distribution Plan

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Content is the fuel that powers marketing departments. Countless hours are spent by marketing and communications teams to create relevant and timely materials that will inform prospects and customers alike, while also reinforcing the value proposition of the organization and often the industry. Creating enough content to engage a steady and qualified audience is a large undertaking, and distributing that content even more so. Without the right strategy, content and its distribution can be extremely time consuming and costly. Today, we'll be answering questions about how to efficiently create content and how to ensure it reaches your audience.


  • How much content should I be creating?
  • Which distribution channels are most effective?
  • How can I measure my content's effectiveness?


Daniel Kushner

Daniel Kushner

CEO, Oktopost
Kara Burney

Kara Burney

SVP of Marketing, Skyword