Content May Be King, But Distribution Rules the Land

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We held the second installment of our Oktopost Customer Webinar series. The webinar: Content May Be King, But Distribution Rules the Land, was hosted by Adam Robinson - Director of Marketing at the freight logistics company Cerasis.

At Cerasis, Adam focuses on churning out tons of quality marketing content to large audiences, particularly on LinkedIn. He has developed a unique strategy for distributing content that has been incredibly successful.

Adam spoke about his successful content marketing practices, and how he leverages Oktopost to promote them across the social web. He also shared a number of useful tips, tricks and more related to content marketing optimization strategies.


Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson



  • Content Marketing: The Cerasis Approach
  • How to Empower your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Using Oktopost to Drive Large Scale Content Distribution
  • What are the Results of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy?