Using Data to Drive Authentic Human Narratives

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Numbers tell a story, but it's the narrative that captivates hearts and minds. As we know, being data-driven in marketing is non-negotiable. But what sets extraordinary marketers apart is their ability to transform cold, hard numbers into captivating stories that leave a lasting impact. The challenge lies not just in understanding the data but in translating it into a language that speaks to your audience.

If you've ever wondered how to weave emotion into your data and maintain that authentic human touch, this panel is for you. Through real-world examples and actionable strategies, discover how to tell stories that resonate, stories that linger, and stories that foster a genuine connection to your audience.

You'll discover:

  • How to balance analytical accuracy with a human touch when crafting narratives
  • Tailoring narratives to resonate across different industries and demographics
  • Breaking down intimidating numbers for approachable, value-driven content


Solveig Rundquist

Solveig Rundquist

Senior Content Manager at Mentimeter