Do More with Less: The Art of Repurposing Content

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In this webinar, Andrew J. Coate, Senior Community & Content Manager at Kapost, discussed the art of repurposing content.

Content creation can feel like a monumental task, especially when presented with the challenges of minimal time and resources. Fortunately, a simple shift in approach can lead to tremendous results in the quantity of content created, but more importantly the quality of content created as well.

During the webinar, Andrew provided an overview of the Content Pillar Approach to content repurposing, a concept that turned one eBook into 269 distinct content assets. He'll provide insight into how to best reuse and repurpose content, including creative ideas, real life examples, and a few case studies with proven results.

Andrew has a passion for conversation, which has led him to serve as the digital voice of many organizations, ranging from indie bands to corporate brands. As a key part of Kapost's team, he enjoys writing about creating content more effectively (and tweeting hilarious GIFs!).

Kapost is the leading provider of content operations software that unites revenue teams to speak in one voice across each customer journey. The company enables its customers to manage their content marketing as a structured business process. Through its platform that manages the ideation, production, distribution, audience development and analytics of content marketing, Kapost empowers marketers to generate more content, more traffic and more leads. Kapost customers include brands like Eloqua, Marketo, AT&T, Intel and more.


  • Reviewing Most Common Content Creation Challenges
  • The Content Pillar Approach to Content Creation
  • Case Studies of Success Using This Approach
  • Actionable Takeaways for Repurposing Content


Andrew J. Coate

Andrew J. Coate

Senior Community & Content Manager, Kapost