What Does Employee Advocacy Bring to the Table for B2B Brands?

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B2B customers don't purchase from brands, they purchase from people. It's no surprise that in such a digitally connected world, authentic human interaction is still necessary to foster a meaningful relationship with customers.

And B2B companies are paying attention.

The adoption of employee advocacy programs are on the rise, and employees sharing company content across social media provides immense benefits for B2B organizations.

In fact, having an advocacy program increases total social engagement for an account by at least 25%-40%.

But the benefits of employee advocacy don't stop there...

In this webinar, "What Does Employee Advocacy Bring to the Table for B2B Brands?", we uncovered key insights from Oktopost data on how advocacy made a difference for their customers in 2021.

We dove head-first into:

  • Advocate behavior and commonly practiced sharing habits.
  • Which social networks generate the most traffic and conversion from advocacy shares.
  • The best social networks for earning the most engagement via employee advocacy.


Jen Gutman

Jen Gutman

Director of CX Marketing, Oktopost
Whitney Blankenship

Whitney Blankenship

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Oktopost