Team Purple - A Masterclass in Employer Branding

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Our time is precious.

Attracting and keeping top talent is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today, with company culture increasingly cited as a factor when job seekers decide where to invest their time.

Employer branding is all about building your reputation and image for potential employees, customers and partners alike. Utilizing your employees' voices can be the most powerful way to bring your company culture and values to life.

In this webinar, we dive into how IFS has turned this into an art form. Using employee advocacy as part of its social strategy, IFS has found a truly authentic way to humanize its brand and drive engagement.

Tune in to hear Helen Hauck, Global Social Media Engagement Manager at IFS, share the secrets of Team Purple's success - it will be well worth your time!


Helen Hauck

Helen Hauck

Global Social Media Engagement Manager, IFS
Suz Barton

Suz Barton

Director of Demand Generation, Oktopost