The Gift of Employee Advocacy

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How does your organization benefit from the gift of employee advocacy? It all starts with empowering your company's biggest asset: your employees!

Amanda Benour, Digital Director of Marketing at Everest Group, will be sharing practical tips on getting the most out of your employee advocacy program on this webinar, **"The Gift of Employee Advocacy".

With employee advocacy being the new generation of B2B marketing, Amanda unwraps the gifts of employee advocacy.

She unveils how her own team:

  • Grew a brand network size 10-fold
  • Created the ability to assign dollars and closed revenue to employee advocacy
  • Assisted in building deep business relationships across social media with stakeholders, decision-makers, prospects,and customers


Jen Gutman

Jen Gutman

Director of CX Marketing, Oktopost
Amanda Benour

Amanda Benour

Digital Director of Marketing, Everest Group