How to Effectively Scale B2B Marketing Operations

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We held our third Oktopost Customer Hosted Webinar. This webinar, entitled How to Effectively Scale B2B Marketing Operations, was hosted by Founder and CEO of Pravda Media Group, Kfir Pravda.

Kfir highlighted how Pravda Media Group has effectively scaled its marketing operations in a manner that lets it thrive, while achieving incredible marketing results for its B2B clients.

Kfir Pravda is the CEO of Pravda Media Group. He began his career by leading European sales and marketing operations among some of the world's biggest telecom companies. He is a known speaker and content director of international conferences in the fields of innovation, media, and technology. In 2008, Kfir was named as a leading digital marketer and one of the "40 most promising businessmen under the age of 40". Kfir also served as VP of Marketing at IMTC, an international nonprofit consortium for video technology companies including Cisco, Apple, Polycom and other video conferencing and video delivery companies.

Pravda Media Group is a B2B digital marketing company that understands the importance of continuously scaling marketing operations in order to succeed in the social media world. The company combines digital strategy, content, and technology, geared towards business results. Among its clients are leading international media and technology companies.


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Kfir Pravda

Kfir Pravda

Pravda Media Group