Deep Dive Into Oktopost's New Employee Advocacy App

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Exciting news here at Oktopost - our new employee advocacy app is officially live for customers.

In light of this release, we'd like to give you a deep dive into all the new features and enhancements available to both administrators and advocates.

Employee advocacy is one of the most effective ways of engaging with customers and telling a consistent brand story on social media. According to our data, employee advocates can generate 8X more engagement than all of the company's corporate social accounts combined. In addition, employees can help humanize your brand voice which makes the audience more receptive to your message. Oktopost makes it easier for companies to amplify the reach of corporate content through employees' personal social networks and to foster a positive company culture, in which employees are proud to represent the company.

Our new employee advocacy app provides admins with granular control over the way content is shared and displayed to employees. And for advocates, Oktopost offers new powerful and intuitive tools that simplify content discovery, customization, and sharing. Even when your employees swamped with work, Oktopost makes content sharing an extremely effortless and rewarding experience.


  • Fresh look and feel
  • Connecting multiple profiles and pages
  • Topic-level selection of content
  • Content discovery by popularity
  • Enhanced content schedule
  • Post-level analytics
  • Twitter location feature
  • Facebook publishing changes
  • Video upload


Eyal Aviv

Eyal Aviv

Customer Success Manager, Oktopost
Sapir Segal

Sapir Segal

Director of Marketing, Oktopost