Exclusive Webinar

The Anatomy of a Showcase Page

With Viveka von Rosen, Founder of Linked Into Business

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We put on a very special Oktopost Customer-Hosted Webinar, The Anatomy of a Showcase Page. The webinar was led by social media thought leader and founder of LinkedIn to Business, Viveka von Rosen.

LinkedIn giveth and LinkedIn taketh away. The network recently retired the Products and Services tabs in Company Pages, which caused a bit of an uproar among marketing and social media experts. However, it introduced a new feature, called Showcase Pages, in its place.

Despite this incredibly important change, it has been difficult to find helpful information that explains how to capitalize on Showcase Pages. Have no fear, Viveka is here! By tapping into the wealth of knowledge that she's accumulated over the years, Viveka discussed, in detail, how to create and manage the perfect Showcase Page.

The webinar highlighted how to leverage Showcase Pages to:

  • Elevate Your Brand
  • Showcase Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Share the Right Content With the Right Audience
  • Create a Personal Brand and Voice

Watch this amazing webinar, and learn how to create and emphasize your brand with Showcase Pages!