How Incomplete & Inaccurate Data is Hurting B2B Marketers

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The Engagement Economy is all about creating personalized conversations with your audience. To have the right conversations, you need to have the right data. If you don't understand your buyers and their online journeys, how can you possibly engage with them in a meaningful way?

Join Oktopost and Synthio as we discuss, The Fatal Flaw of the Engagement Economy: How Incomplete & Inaccurate Data is Hurting B2B Marketers.

Synthio helps global B2B brands improve performance and sales conversion rates by keeping their contact data clean and useful. Utilizing Synthio's contact management platform, with data health analysis and self-service functionalities, companies can build, refresh, cleanse, and append data sets on the fly. The data then is continuously maintained to ensure integrity. Synthio's contact-centric approach helps its clients capture more precise insights about their contacts and recover more lost contacts to grow their marketing reach. The company's global database provides the largest volume of B2B contacts, ensuring enterprise organizations can depend on a single source of data for international growth. The Synthio platform drives improved outcomes for B2B sales and marketers who now can continuously maintain and expand their vital contact information.


Sapir Segal

Sapir Segal

Director of Marketing, Oktopost
Jamie Walker

Jamie Walker

Director of Marketing, Synthio

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