Exclusive Webinar

The Psychology of LinkedIn

With Asher Abraham from PluggedIn Group

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We put on another great Oktopost Customer-Hosted Webinar. The webinar, entitled "The Psychology of LinkedIn," was hosted by the Founder of PluggedIn Group, Asher Abraham.

Asher Abraham, is the founder of PluggedIn Group, a boutique B2B marketing and sales consulting and training company specializing in LinkedIn strategies. Asher's LinkedIn best-practices are based on 14 successful years working at leading companies in various industries.

In this webinar, Asher covered the principles of LinkedIn psychology, and discussed a proven step-by-step process every marketing and sales professional can use to get specific and measurable results from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn marketing and sales strategies that were covered:

  • LinkedIn Psychology as it Relates to Marketing and Sales
  • The 5 -Step LinkedIn Strategy: A Process Anyone Can Apply
  • Principles of Intentional Networking
  • LinkedIn Features You Should Use More Often

This webinar can really help grow your business, so be sure to check it out!