Unlock the Power of Employee Advocacy: Two Secret Ingredients That Will Increase Your Reach by 800%

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It's no secret that employees are typically an untapped marketing resource. In fact, employee advocacy may be the best solution to improving and expanding the reach and impact of your content. But how can you convince employees to participate in yet another program? What is the easiest way to get them on board?  How can you engage and incorporate employees within your marketing strategy?

Through their social media profiles and email signatures.

Combining these channels allows you to boost your audience reach by 800%.

Join our webinar to learn how you can leverage these two powerful channels to grow your marketing efforts. Kolby Coy, Customer Success at Sigstr joins Sapir Segal, Content Marketing Manager at Oktopost to discuss how you can reach the same results!

Sigstr is a platform that gives marketers the ability to target their top contacts and accounts with relevant ads where they're spending the majority of their time – the inbox. With integrations into the leading CRMs, MAPs and Marketing Technologies, Sigstr helps companies get more out of their employee email by turning it into a channel that understands and engages their most important audiences.


Kolby Coy

Kolby Coy

Sapir Segal

Sapir Segal

Director of Marketing at Oktopost


  • What is employee advocacy
  • How to leverage employee advocacy through social media & email signatures
  • What you will gain from using both channels to promote your content
  • How to track and measure employee contribution & results