Using Social Data to Enhance Your Lead Nurturing, Scoring, and Attribution

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The buyer journey does not always start on your website! 55% of B2B buyers learn about your company via social media, while 84% of CEO's and VP's use social media to make purchasing decisions.

Whether you're new to marketing automation or a seasoned professional, it's important that you have a full picture of how leads interact with your company across every channel, including social media. The more behavioral data you have on leads, the faster you can convert them into customers.

Socedo helps B2B marketers grow and engage their audience on social media easily by tapping into 15 million social signals daily. Its A.I.-powered keyword engine finds the Twitter users most likely to engage with you, based on the event hashtags they're tweeting, influencers they're following, and other topics your audience cares about. Socedo is the only solution that allows you to find Twitter users based on the job titles that match your buyers. Socedo allows you to follow the most relevant people every day, increasing your organic Twitter follower count.


  • The what, why, and how of marketing automation (gotta know the basics)
  • Which data is currently missing in marketing automation (and why you need it)
  • Actionable examples on how Oktopost customers are using social media data to create more powerful lead nurturing, scoring, and attribution programs in Marketo


Sapir Segal

Sapir Segal

Director of Marketing, Oktopost
Adam Hutchinson

Adam Hutchinson

Senior Marketing Manager, Socedo