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Simplify B2B Social Media Management

As a B2B company, your content needs to be where your clients are. Oktopost lets you easily manage large-scale content distribution to social media, across all of your profiles, groups and company pages. Quickly create and manage social campaigns to promote any type of content.

Measure Your Path to Social Success

Social media marketing is more than counting likes, followers and shares. Today's B2B marketers need to generate leads and measure the business value of their work. Oktopost tracks each lead you generate, and provides the analytics to understand which networks, profiles, groups and posts are most effective.

How is Oktopost Different than Hootsuite and Other Platforms?

We love Hootsuite, but the needs of B2B marketers are different. While other platforms focus on engagement and brand awareness, Oktopost helps you manage content and measure the true business value of your social media marketing.

"Oktopost has allowed Cerasis to remain effective at social media and content marketing, consistently getting in front of our desired target audience"

Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing at Cerasis

What Can You Do With Oktopost?

Schedule your content distribution in advance for any day or time to multiple LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter social profiles, from one single platform.

Manage all of your social marketing, and measure the results for each campaign. View clicks, conversions and engagement for every post, message and group.

Leverage seamless integrations with third-party platforms such as and Marketo, and automatically sync valuable analytical and lead data.

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