Building a B2B Social Media Plan: Part 1

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When a B2B marketer thinks of social media, the image of selfies, cute kittens and baby pictures might come to mind. However, social media is not just for kids anymore.

Employee Advocacy: The Missing Piece of Your Social Media Marketing

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Which of the following are publishers? A) Marketers B) Employees C) Consumers D) Sales Reps E) All the Above. If you answered “E”, congrats! You just passed today’s marketing pop quiz.

Should B2B Marketing Appeal More to Our Emotions?

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As B2B marketers, we’ve always been taught that a purchasing decision is based on logic and rational thinking. But what if this isn’t entirely true? To find out whether emotion should play a role in B2B marketing, we didn’t run to Google first. Instead, the Oktopost team turned to real B2B marketers who target prospects … Read More

The Consumer Secrets that Drive B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Secrets

In B2B marketing, the first lesson to learn is that behind every business decision is a consumer. Regardless of whether you’re targeting an enterprise or an early-stage startup, each and every business comprises individuals. In the end, we’re all human, we’re all consumers, and we all buy things for certain reasons.

8 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Moments Of 2014


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B2B Marketing 101: LinkedIn Social Selling


How well do you know LinkedIn? Most B2B marketers are familiar with its basic features, but few know it well enough to leverage the network for lead generation. Social selling has been around for a while, but as 2015 fast approaches, mastering the art of creating social relationships to drive business will become a top … Read More

38 Telltale Signs That You’re A True Marketer


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Travel The World With 9 B2B Marketing Teams


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Employee Advocacy Policy: DO’s And DON’Ts


Employee advocacy may not be on every marketer’s agenda yet – but this doesn’t mean employees haven’t taken matters into their own hands. A study from Weber Shandwick actually found that 50% of the US workforce (about 60 million people) is already voluntarily posting, tweeting and commenting about their employer. As employee advocacy reaches the … Read More

6 Steps To Launching An Employee Advocacy Program


Whether they’re on a quest for friends, fans, or followers, organizations of all sizes spend anywhere from a sizable chunk to a small fortune on social networking. While this mission is worthwhile for reaching current and future customers, there’s a big piece of the puzzle that many organizations are overlooking: employee advocacy. Your Employee Advocacy … Read More