Supercharge Your Facebook Business Page with CTA’s


For B2B marketers, the main goal of Facebook business pages is to generate leads.  70% of marketers use Facebook to gain new customers while 47% of Americans say Facebook is the #1 influencer of purchases. However, Facebook posts aren’t the only place B2B marketers should be converting fans.  To increase conversion rates, B2B marketers should … Read More

3 Ways to Monitor Competitors on Social Media


Too few B2B marketers are utilizing social media to monitor one of their best sources for competitive information.  B2B marketers are surrounded by a wealth of easily accessible information as their competitors are continuously testing content on various social platforms.  B2B marketers should observe their competitors, analyze what is working and then apply the results … Read More

Fielding Your Social Media Team


For enterprise B2B companies, utilizing social media to its full potential requires more than a teenage intern with a laptop. That’s probably why 78% of companies now have dedicated social media teams. But how should these teams be comprised? And who should be responsible for what actions? These are critical questions to ask when structuring … Read More

Trends in B2B Social Media


As any B2B marketer knows, the challenges faced by B2B organizations require different strategies and technologies than B2C companies. To help B2B companies understand the opportunities they have, especially in social media, Oktopost’s co-founder and CEO, Daniel Kushner, was a recent guest on TechnologyAdvice’s Expert Interview Series. He and host Josh Bland discussed a variety … Read More

How to Grow Your B2B Network via Social Media

Social network in a course (2011)

Most marketers – especially B2B marketers – realize that likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter do not necessarily translate to quality leads that result in real conversions. While some marketers may consider their network to be every person that has ever engaged with their brand on social media, most know that your true network … Read More

New WordPress Plugin Lets You Schedule Social Media Before Your Blog Goes Live

Wordpress Plugin Social Media

In a recent study, B2B Marketing Insider asked companies what their top digital marketing priorities were. Tied for first, with 36% of respondents each, was content marketing and social media engagement. There’s no question that for B2B marketers, content and social media are a common and effective combination. However, many marketers run into issues when … Read More

Are Your Social Media Efforts a Compliance Risk?


Any B2B marketer in a company that is subject to government or other regulations knows that maintaining compliance with these regulations can add another layer of complexity to your marketing efforts. Whether you are subject to the SEC, FINRA or any of the many other regulators, having strict guidelines on what you can and can’t … Read More

3 Kinds of Social Savvy Employees


One of the many struggles that B2B social media marketers face is getting the rest of the organization involved in social. From CEOs to interns, getting your employees to share your social content and contribute to your online presence can have a major impact on your social media effectiveness. We recently talked with a few … Read More

3 Key Elements to Help Connect with your Audience on Social Media


With increased social media adoption, companies have more opportunities than ever to connect with their audience. Unfortunately, many B2B companies never get past the promotion stage of their social media strategy. To truly see success, your goal needs to include audience engagement on a deeper level. Here are three elements your social media strategy should … Read More

When to Break the Rules of B2B Social Media

Women's omnium points race: Niki Kovacs leading the pack ahead of Ellie Coster and Amber Joseph

There are a number of best practices and “rules” of B2B social media marketing being shared by experts today. For the most part these rules can help guide you to an effective social media strategy. However, as with any marketing medium, there are certain instances when it’s okay, even preferable, to break from the conventional … Read More