How to Write Effective B2B Social Media Posts

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Anyone who has spent time on any social network knows that the intelligence, quality and basic grammar of social media posts can get pretty poor. As a B2B company, you should not let the quality or effectiveness of your social media posts reach those levels. Whether you are writing a 140-character tweet or a 140-page … Read More

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

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No matter how good your social media content is, it won’t drive business results unless it is viewed by a significant percentage of your audience. Getting your social media posts the highest number of views involves the strategically timed placement of said posts. There are a number of articles listing very specific posting times B2B … Read More

Marketing KPI Deep Dives: Social Media Engagement

Usually when we talk about performance indicators for social media, we try to tie those metrics back to business objectives like lead generation and conversions. However, the KPI’s with a clear relation to conversions aren’t the only metrics your social networks are generating. Soft KPI’s, such as likes, comments and shares, are still very important … Read More

Daily Social Media Strategy Checklist

Monitoring social media doesn’t necessarily have to take up your entire workday – especially if you’re in a small company and don’t have the necessary resources to be constantly glued to your social platforms. In addition to stepping up your marketing efforts by utilizing a social monitoring tool, there are a few key points that marketing … Read More

Impressing Your CEO with Social Media Reports

As a marketer, the struggle to grow your budget can be difficult. You need an increased budget to fuel the growth of social media campaigns, and CEOs want to see the ROI of previous marketing campaigns in a concrete numerical value before they dish out more cash. Unfortunately, 54% of brands struggle tying social media … Read More

Where Does Google Analytics Fit Into Your Social Media Strategy?

For many marketers, Google Analytics is a popular element of their analytics toolbox. It provides key insights surrounding content marketing efforts and helps optimize websites and improves visitor to conversion ratios. Marketers can learn which demographic their content is targeting, where traffic is coming from, the amount of time spent on each page and what … Read More

10 Social Media Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

There was a time when social media marketing (particularly in the world of B2B) was an unproven concept with almost no data to back it up. Those days are long gone. With the increased use of social media analytics, not only is such data more important than ever, it’s also more prevalent than ever. To … Read More

Leveraging Social Media to Effectively Build Your B2B Brand

When people think of branding, they probably think of popular consumer brands like McDonald’s or Apple. However, marketers know that building brand awareness is just as important, and just as valuable, for a B2B brand. Among Interbrand’s 10 most valuable global brands are Microsoft, Intel, IBM and GE, all of which generate far more B2B … Read More

3 Tips That Turn Loyal Customers to Brand Advocates

Often when you have an experience with a brand or company you love, you feel the need to tell people about it. Sometimes, these experiences seem completely random, but more often than you’d think, they are deliberately designed by the company. The reason is, marketers understand that in the digital era customer advocacy and loyalty … Read More

The 3 Big Nos of Social Selling

When your company made their last purchase, was it thanks to the pitch of some snappy salesman or a LIMITED TIME OFFER on some long form sales letter? If you’re like 57% of B2B IT buyers, it was probably thanks in part to your social networks. As their use becomes more prevalent, more and more … Read More