Social Media Lead Capture | Oktopost

Lead Capture

Leads are the essence of almost every marketing campaign and are the fuel for your sales department. It's critical for you to know the source of each and every one of your leads, whether from banner ads, email links or social media. Oktopost lets do just that and here's how.

Track Leads From Social Media

Oktopost gives you a high level of detail from social media links and messages. You can know exactly which message and which LinkedIn group prompted a lead to register. With our unique lead capture technology, valuable information such as email addresses, names and countries captured and linked to the conversion, enabling you to assess the quality of inbound leads and follow them through the sales pipeline.

Auto Sync

You can easily synchronize your lead information with and leading marketing automation systems such as Marketo or Hubspot for optimal results.

Export Anywhere

After your leads have been captured, you can also manually export your database with a click of a button.

Web Form Mapping

Oktopost integrates with your web forms - with no programming required. You can easily map your current form fields with Oktopost in order to capture data such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and countries.