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Valuable Social Analytics

How many times have you looked at metrics and charts that provide no real value? Many social media marketing tools provide reams of data, such as the number of Twitter followers you've gained or how many people you've reached Facebook. However, these statistics do not show the real successes of your marketing strategies and how they affect the sales pipeline. Our social analytics dashboard clarifies this picture, giving you a real sense of how fruitful your social endeavor is and how it can be improved.

Social Analytics Dashboard for
B2B Marketers

Our social analytics dashboard delivers actionable data points that enable B2B marketers to improve their results over time. We shed light on your whole funnel from posts to conversions, providing you with valuable information that enables you to constantly improve messaging and social media lead generation.

It's a Content Game

Social media is all about content; the better you write (or draw), the bigger the audience you attract. Recognizing the most engaging messages is vital if you want to continuously improve your game.

One Click Report

Oktopost lets you export a PDF report with the click of a button. You can transfer all the information on your social analytics dashboard into a professional report for your manager or client.