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Your most valuable asset is your people so help them boost their professional brands and generate meaningful conversations that builds pipeline!

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Supero has developed the first set of social selling & influence benchmarks based on behaviours using the ISP-endorsed Social Selling program. A variety of salespeople were used in an 18-month test with different experience levels, from junior SDR to senior sales and business leaders. The benchmark results are a 9.9% conversation rate, the percentage of your target audience willing to take a call, and a 33.6% call progression rate, outperforming any other form of cold outreach including cold calling and cold emailing. Our social selling operational model includes four pillars to ensure success for any social selling transformation:

  1. Social Selling & Influence Strategy - define what social means to you and your business, the commercial expectations to be met, and the timeline.

  2. Methodology - a proven methodology that empowers individuals to develop their professional brand and create content that is human, authentic and encourages your target audience to walk towards you.

  3. Measurement - define and track behaviours that each team member is in control of influencing, the outcome of which is a 9.9% conversation rate from those asked across your target audience.

  4. Personal Change Model - any change is personal, which is why we are using the first-ever change model that puts the individual and their feelings at the heart of the change. Empowering them to understand their feelings and create a bespoke plan that enables them to manage the process. Any change is personal, especially social selling, which is why Dr. Grant van Ulrich is supporting us and our clients directly using his personal change methodology.

Supero believes in supporting positive mental health in sales and eliminating the stigma associated with sales today. Sales can be enjoyable again. Our client, Tek Lubiarz states, "15 years in sales and I enjoy prospecting again. I operate a focused account territory approach which has been impossible to penetrate using traditional methods. Since working with the Supero team Iíve seen a 3,100% uplift in meeting generation rates and I have the largest pipeline in my team".

Our service and approach is not platform dependant.

Our Services
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