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Social media campaigns
"Oktopost has brought Sociomantic's global social media efforts into one place for transparency and focused planning. With this one platform, our marketing team can plan and post unified campaigns, and then receive the reports about which campaigns worked and where they were most effective."
Sarah L. VP Marketing at Sociomantic Labs See Case Study
Social media management platform
"Oktopost has simplified and expanded the level of reporting we're able to accomplish across campaign planning, posting, and measurement. We've been able to see which campaigns are performing well and focus more on improving the timing and messaging of our content."
Justin Kirkland, eMarketing Manager at ExploreLearning See Case Study
Social media management platform
"Oktopost has enabled us to optimize our content across the different social media platforms where we engage. With the seamless integrations between our existing marketing tools, and the social advocacy board being key parts of our marketing strategy."
Brittany M. Communications and Events Manager at Kapost See Case Study
Kapost Team
Social media management platform
"Since adopting Oktopost as our social media management platform, we has seen over 170% increase in the number of website sessions and get a 29% higher than average session duration from social media leads."
Chandara D. Marketing Analyst at ArcherPoint See Case Study
B2B Inbound Marketing
"As a B2B Inbound Marketing agency, social is integral to our campaigns. From scheduling to reporting to staff advocacy, from an agency perspective Oktopost is comprehensive, clear and ideal for managing multiple clients."
Lucy J. Head of Content, Strategic Internet Consulting Ltd See Case Study
Measure social media ROI
"Oktopost is invaluable for tracking leads and analyzing the value of our social media activities. This enables us to ensure that our social media campaigns are effective, fully optimized, and reach the right people at the right time."
Clare A. Director of Marketing at Panaya (an Infosys company) See Case Study
Social advocacy
"Oktopost made it possible for us to leverage an employee advocacy program, streamlining the way we offer social media content to our employees and allowing us to expand our reach by 500%."
Stacy P. Social Media Strategist at Pyramid Analytics See Case Study
Social media management platform
"Oktopost plays an integral part in helping us be more effective at marketing and measuring ROI. We are pleased to announce that within one quarter of using Oktopost, we generated a 39% increase in clicks and a 386% increase in trackable conversions"
Craig Bushman, VP Marketing at Certiport See Case Study
Employee advocacy
"When we look at the last 6 months, employee advocacy enabled us to share 10X more social content, generating a 70% increase in our organic social reach."
Daniel Klaus, Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Fujitsu See Case Study

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